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Topotecan PhaRes 1 mg/ml
Name 2. Zeile:
1 mg/ml
Produktverpackung Topotecan PhaRes
Description of the product

Topotecan PhaRes helps to destroy tumors. A doctor or a nurse will give you the medicine as an infusion into a vein (a drip) in hospital or another medical facility. Topotecan PhaRes is used to treat: ovarian cancer or small cell lung cancer that has come back
after chemotherapy. / advanced cervical cancer if surgery or radiotherapy
treatment is not possible. When treating cervical cancer, Topotecan PhaRes is combined with another drug called cisplatin.

Volumen & Stärke:
Volumen: 1 ml Stärke: 1 mg
Volumen: 4 ml Stärke: 4 mg
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