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Zoledronic acid PhaRes 4 mg/5 ml
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4 mg/5 ml
Produktverpackung Zoledronsäure PhaRes
Description of the product

The active substance in Zoledronic Acid PhaRes is zoledronic acid, which belongs to a group of substances called bisphosphonates. Zoledronic acid works by attaching itself to the bone and slowing down the rate of bone remodelling. It is used: To prevent bone complications, e.g. fractures, in adult patients with bone metastases (spread of cancer from primary site to the bone). / To reduce the amount of calcium
in the blood in adult patients when it is too high due to the presence of a tumour. Tumours can accelerate normal bone change in such a way that the release of calcium from bone is increased. This condition is known as tumour-induced hypercalcaemia (TIH).

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Volumen: 5 ml Stärke: 4 mg
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